Used Panties Vending Machines
#1 October 4, 6:36 pm
Used Panties Vending Machines
The machines dispenses sealed tubes of pre-worn schoolgirl's underwear.

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#2 October 6, 9:22 pm
If it's just a start,i don't wanna imagine what's coming in next 10 years...
#3 October 7, 3:27 am
Not even in ten years, already they have this, will need one of these for the panties, a Lolicon Sex Doll.

Lolicon Sex Doll by Johnny Fapp
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#4 October 7, 5:04 am
...Nothin' like a good old hand
#5 November 20, 5:09 pm
It begs the question, where do they obtain said panties? 7:/

(That's my raised eyebrow emoticon)
#6 November 20, 5:15 pm
Hahaha! If you believe Law and Order a bunch of gray haired grannies who play bridge and supplement their income selling "used school girl panties". The part they didn't mention was they were the used schoolgirls.
We don't care what you say FUCK YOU!
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