U.S.A. Civil Unrest/War
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#16 November 19, 1:21 am
This video is devastating, Busted, disgusted, not to be trusted, case closed wouldn't you say?

Last update on November 19, 1:27 am by Creeper.
#17 November 19, 1:34 am
More damaging evidence of how the cops operate, this will disgust you.

#18 November 20, 2:33 pm
You would get arrested for herding cattle like this, but it's totally ok to herd humans, I see Nazi's, What do you see?

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#19 November 24, 12:04 am
Well i came over,expecting some text,picture,anything i could read or watch
but as long it's videos...sorry Smile
#20 November 30, 7:57 pm
U.S.A. does not practice what it preaches

#21 December 1, 1:35 am
Suck...My browser 's playin' once more with my nerves...Nothing appears for meh in this section??? Yet it seems it's merely a JPEG file...

Anyway..U.S.A should preach easier things to practice such as: Be selfish! Get rich,do not care about anybody but yourself,think only about sex and pleasure,use drugs everyday,buy a lots of gun...That way it could be feasable.Yark yark
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#22 December 1, 1:40 am
Tellu, maybe try in Seamonkey for videos, I know your a musician and if you use a special sound card as I do they don't always synchronize with browsers but Seamonkey does very well for me for videos, just an idea.
#23 December 1, 1:46 am
I don't use a special sound card...never did. I'm using the one delivered with the computer...And i don't think the 2 browsers i'm using (IE8 and IRONSOFTWARE) are compatible with SEAMONKEY i believe works with MOZILLA...And if it does i don't know how to do that. Smile
#24 December 1, 12:01 pm
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