U.S.A. Civil Unrest/War
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#1 October 3, 1:48 pm
U.S.A. Civil Unrest/War
The Revolution has Begun, the system is broke, this is no conspiracy theory or crazy paranoid thought, It is no longer just a few crazies thinking like this, everyone knows now, greed and corruption has infiltrated and made our once great country and others into a one big ugly broken down system where the big shots try to hold on but the tide against is to strong to fool and exploit any more

This is why myspace forums are closing, this is why facebook basically has no forums, because the fake new/current governments knew/know what is coming and to control the spread of information that only forums can spread, they had these giant corporate sites eradicate forums, keeping protests to small circles rather than forums where "all" can participate in protests

if you are so honored to be a part of this movement and a true American and not a victim, you should participate and mingle with your brothers and sister and protest for you and your fellow Americans, that is what it's all about, don't sit and die, protest and live, don't be a lame duck, reach in your heart and soul and be somebody, not a dead nobody, live, don't let them kill you or your soul, I mean this from the bottom of my heart,

The time is now to reclaim your humanity and life.

#2 October 3, 1:55 pm

#4 October 4, 2:50 am
Ok...That sound great,but who's gonna be the referees ? Since the begining of mankind,history has shown that at the end some one..or some system is leading
how are we gonna decide who's who ? Smile (maybe it's explained in the vidéos..but
you know my situation Headbang
#5 October 4, 3:45 am
The leader is no one single person in this movement but a consciousness as a whole, and a conscious that knows right from wrong, that's just the point, no leader because leaders have always betrayed us, it's about we the ppl. ever see a school of fish coordinate as a whole and none crash? they just know, they don't need a leader telling them how to move or coordinate, they just do.

I realize you can't see videos, they do explain more, speaking of leaders here is an interesting video about leadership, but it is really about the followers being the true leaders in a way, sry i know you can't see videos, sry about that, but anyway this is a very interesting observation and analyzation of how movements start, but with no movement no change will ever come, and we need change first and foremost then progress.

Yes may seem silly at first until it becomes, but I say doing nothing is more silly or the ultimate silly

#6 October 4, 6:33 am
Well you're right about sayin' doing nothing is the worst..I guess it makes me feel guilty as i've stopped the fight...You know in France there has been a big revolution...'ve been the first country to execute our king..But some smarties (Robespierre & "friends") took over control (somebody,the big mouth always did in human history..)and injustice and terror became the rules...We've tried again in 1968 (after a couple of weeks i went to Morocco to smoke hash all day)You had the flower power movement too...and what happened...the bankers are still crooked today
I just hope you are right my friend and the new generation 'll find the right solution ...Smile
#7 October 4, 6:38 pm
True that, as you get older you have to leave it for the next generation to battle, you can't fight for everyone all the time, others have to take their turn and obligations

for many generations they have, but in around the late 80s and early 80s you can see there was a slip in patriotism and ppls interest was only money, this with the constant bombardment of media brain washing made that generation slip and the big corporations ran with it hard, ppl accepted it and so we have what we got now, the human values were lost and many became lost mindless robots.

But like all unjust and unfair systems, they just don't add up and create the bubble effect which has exploded, the corporations made their millions and now the middle class is broke, now actually they can stop and realize, hmm this was all a crock of shit, I greed has now cost my children pain and suffering and countless others, basically a whole generation has to suffer now for their parents lack of principal and true human value, hopefully we all grow now and this generation can make it right, if not, well the consequences are dire

#8 October 5, 1:44 am
Yeah! The mainstream medias are REAL SHIT they're -in a large proportion-responsable for what's happening today...They belong to crooked big buisness companys,leaded by real mean guys who hold the keys,are parts of the same bankers lobbys,lawyers and some military and political big shots.everybody knows that. If people understood that they should stop voting for Democrates and Republicans,they're won't be the need for a blood sheding revolution!
#9 October 5, 3:47 am
Here is some ppl media, very spirited protest, it shows the world all is not well here, wish you could see it, it's a huge protest on the streets of New York and spreading to many other cities, we are fed up, as the whole world is, governments are on the hot seat, shit will never be the same from here on end, this movement is too big and it's message can not be contained, it is ok now to say fuck you governments, we can finally come out of the closet/prison they have created for us, their glory days and easy ride is over.

#10 October 6, 4:38 am
Van Halen - Mean Street (Lyrics) Turns you from hunted into hunter...

Look at these pigs faces as it gets uglier, oh yeah, they are now the scared and pretty much the hunted or at least it is what I see in their eyes, it's a beautiful thing no? these scumbags for hire are nothing but thugs working for the system of evil/rich, that is who they protect, not you.


#11 October 6, 5:50 am
Yeah! Fucking great...I saw that this morning on the R.T News (Russian TV in american language)it's becoming REAL now Cheers
#12 October 6, 5:57 am
Anyway i know that NOT ALL medias in the U.S are rotten but the mainstream ARE!. CBS/FOX NEWS/NewYork Herald Tribune/New Yorker...Of course there are people such as Michael Moore and small independants channels who are Ok,and show and tell what is really goin' on. Every morning on ALYONA'S SHOW (R.T.com)she shows what the mainstream media are presenting to the public...What bother me is who ever will be in charge after Obama will have to cope with the rotten system..That is the main problem. You know i think i've lost my illusions this time as when they've annonced Obama for president,i've bursted out in tears..real tears of hope..just couldn't stop you know..As if him being the first afro-american president would make a big difference!!fap
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#13 October 27, 5:36 pm
You know this was coming, so pathetic, poor innocent girls

Here's another police make-over

#14 October 27, 5:38 pm
How can you do run when you know...flash back eh?

#15 November 16, 3:11 pm
I mean srsly, this is the men that work for the rich not for we, it is cruel and they just keep rolling, you srsly think peaceful protest is going to help an aggressive bunch of heartless thugs? are you blind as to what is really going on?

Shame Shame Shame on them and those who turn a coward eye the human abuses right in your dirrect backyards

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