Second Life Virtual World Intruduction & Discussions
#1 February 27, 3:23 pm
Second Life Virtual World Intruduction & Discussions
First here is an introduction to the game so you can get an idea

For more topics on Second Life there is a sub forum dedicated for any topic or thread you might want to add about Second Life here
#2 February 27, 10:59 pm
Myrtel...I'm NOT able to watch this vidéo Smile
#3 February 28, 5:17 pm
Haha myrt, maybe i did it to ignite controversy, but na, was the first youtube video I found, over 1,000,000 hits so i guess ppl like lil girls lol j/k i think its an Asian or Indian girl from England, they sound like little girls

So anyways, justify sl and post a video you think justifies it, also pm me a better video and I'll change it, these forums have edit feature so you can change your posts for any reason you might need to

Here i will post a girl dancing, I like the emo/scene girl look, one of the great things about sl is you make your character how you want it, every one is different, and you can make the clothes and dances like this girl, haha one of the fun things is you can go just about anywhere in this endless gigantic world and find a dance party, including dirty dancing Boobs but i will leave that to you folks

oh one more thing, you can upload dirty vids now on site, vids not allowed on youtube so for now they have to be in flash/.flv format but I will put a tut on desktop recorders that are free to record sl, edit and convert, should be some killer videos hopefully
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