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#91 November 14, 12:03 pm
I sweeer to gawd mai notificationz said Jimmay replied here too...hmmmm.
We don't care what you say FUCK YOU!
#92 October 25, 3:07 pm
Back from the dead
#93 October 25, 5:14 pm
You? or Metal? either or both is good Smile
#94 January 1, 4:07 pm
hai guys
#95 January 1, 6:31 pm
Sup Sara, Happy New Years, hey I've made a mew site, much like the old myspace, maybe check it out sometime if you get the chance, it's pretty dead right now but maybe the magic will spark there someday like it was on myspace back in the day, here is a link to the forums, metal forums Smile

and here is an example of how profiles can look like the old myspace
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Displaying 91 to 95 of 95
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