The Coffee Thread
#1 December 3, 4:46 pm
The Coffee Thread
Cuz I'm not gonna ruin Creeper's thread talking about the black brew.

But yeah man, in case you're wondering, the coffee fair was awesome. So many different flavors, nuances, roast levels, brew strengths... Safe to say, that the best day in a while.
#2 December 3, 7:42 pm
Ah cool, just looking up coffee fair I have found some coffees I have been looking for, One of my favorites had changed names so that's why I couldn't find, mmmm I'm so special ordering a few bags after Xmas

I hope they have a coffee fair here in Miami, I'll will surely grab a bunch of sample bags to test fresh every morning and rate them

Heh I need to get me a dual or tri coffee maker lol so I can have different blends through out the day
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#3 December 3, 11:40 pm
Dude, if you wanna make different coffees, get a cup filter, it's a coffee filter that you can just drop in a cup of hot water. I'd be lost without mine.
#4 December 5, 2:23 am
That's a perfect idea, why did I not think of that, going to look for one next weekend
#5 December 10, 2:29 pm
I'm feeling a caffeine deficiency right about now. Damn, I wish I had a couple of bucks for a hot cup o black brew.
#6 December 10, 3:27 pm
I just had a Cuban colada at the corner store for a buck, earlier today though I made a coffee I hadn't had in a while, I was out of sugar so I added a table spoon of instant coffee to a glass of half water and half orange juice and heated it up, Its quite an acquired and unique taste, really wakes you up first thing in the morning.
#7 December 11, 1:07 am
Sounds like the kinda thing I might invent, lol, I bet it does wake you up
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