Happy Unholy Holidays
#1 December 23, 5:12 am
Happy Unholy Holidays

#2 December 23, 5:34 am
Real Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Ossadogva - Awakening of Kadath

#3 December 23, 5:35 am
Nocturnal Depression - Host (Autumn)

#4 December 23, 4:11 pm
I guess the depression is in watching this video.
#5 December 25, 2:48 pm
I don't know, I see beauty in sorrow, more feeling, passion and conviction, is why so many musical groups suck after they get rich, it is the struggle that really brings the feeling and emotion into the music giving it life, is like the old saying, "you have to pay your dues if ya want to play the blues"
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#6 December 25, 10:52 pm
Yes BUT when you're rich you have time to think about many things(if you're TOO rich you
might get spoiled)and when you're poor the main issue becomes MONEY...I have experienced both...and i'm livin' in poverty now for years and that does NOT bring me happiness...
Usually people argue that there are so many human beings poorer than me...and that i should
not complain etc...and i have to reply "Yeah mate that's correct...If you go in India there
are millions of dudes livin with one dollar a day (that is when they have a job) OK fine
that's true....But ya know there are a lotta persons RICHER too...don't forget it
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