Good Brutal Metal
#1 September 8, 5:43 pm
Good Brutal Metal
Like this

Cannibal Corpse - Stripped, Raped and Strangled

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Thnx myrt, i have a long way b4 I get to the level of these guys, I'm still learning and need a drummer, drummers are the new stars on the scene at least in death metal, shits haaaard

but anyways heres one of mine since you requested

#4 September 9, 9:45 pm
Originally posted by: Myrtel Landers

Errrm, I think eventually ya will eat someone! lol whats this thing with u and canabials and little pigmy bastards!!!!!

Haha, na i prefer eating insects lol, as to eating people, in death metal at least to me it's not about eating the flesh but eating the life forces of the victems, in a demented demonic point of view,

You see i channel myself in that state of mind to write, i like the genre for the mental rush, its like everyone loves a good horror movie amirite?
#5 September 17, 6:47 am
Err..sorry to differ mmm I hate Horror movies...they...scared me! arf arf
#6 September 22, 1:57 pm
I can't believe they want to ban Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, its no wonder kids are becoming wimps. No need fear just yet, Cookie Monster has formed a band and said that he will be touring soon so he can continue delivering his message in hope for a better society.

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