Coffee goes good with Breakdowns
#1 November 3, 8:08 pm
Coffee goes good with Breakdowns
Wouldn't you agree? Mmm and Rotten Fomented Coconut Milk as Creamer gives it the right Demonic Alcohal Touch, Who wants some!!!

#2 November 3, 8:14 pm
Get Fucked in the Ass, with a Big Black Dick!!! in your Tail mother fuckeR!!!

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#3 November 20, 4:31 pm
I like coffee, I went to a coffee fair today.
#4 December 1, 5:34 am
I would so love to go to one of those, there are some killer coffees out there other than Starbucks and the local grocery store brands out there that are so much better

I have been looking for a few coffee brands but i cant even find on the net, how is that possible? these brands were not easy to get, this being Miami you get a lot of strange imported coffees that come and go, some are really good but usually hard to find, some in little cafes in bad areas or some in ritzy areas, very hit and miss

and on that note, these guys musta had some very very good coffee when they wrote this

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