#1 September 7, 5:52 pm
Hello ppl, just wanted to welcome you all and hope you all have a fun time,

If you have any requests or questions for or about the site, Post-em here, I will consider them and try my best to implement them in time,
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#2 September 23, 9:35 pm
I haven't the faintest idea of the work it represent nor the cost in time...
and as time is money ...But it'll be great to have a player like
they have in My Space...you know to load down our music on MP3 format
I do not mean playlist but like a personnal portfolio
#3 September 23, 11:55 pm
Yes I'm working on getting a player for members, if you upload a song your profile will be converted to a musician profile and you will have a player but the musician profile is not as nice yet, it has no about me/us, "yet"

you can probably get a widget from the net and place it in the html box like myspace in like the about me, i have to test that,

maybe try http://www.mixpod.com/myspace-mp3players.php or something similar for now.


Music Playlist at MixPod.com
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#4 April 21, 9:27 am
what's with all the profiles with missing pictures?
#5 April 21, 4:41 pm
A lot of them signed up i guess to snoop and never added photo, probably just not active enough, I can add adding a photo as part of the registering process, not sure yet if I want too, I'll think about it, just not enough traffic to really put much work into it right now
#6 April 21, 5:12 pm
understandable, too if not active for a long time, instead of unused traffic, to delete their profile, just useless space
#7 April 21, 5:38 pm
Ya I have a plug in I was thinking of using, if they are inactive for more than 6 months it sends them an email and if they don't log in it deletes them a week later

Here's the thing though, it would make the site look even more deserted, also another thing related but different issue, it is a well documented fact that most every major or even semi big social networks use scripts the generate fakes, the script also makes the fakes log in at set times, gives them pics, and even ads friends

in other words, I can do this and falsely make my site look as if there are thousands of ppl on, ya sexy chicks and all site will say 1000 logged online and 15 thousand members

this will no doubt bring in more legit members wanting to join so it is not all bad, its like a necessary evil most webmasters say, and most new social networks and site use this, most web masters say its a must but i wanted to try it the honest way first

though if it can serve good in the long run, can't rule out the possibility, but no worry, the fakes will only add other fakes so you don't have to worry a fake added you, unless it's a real fake lol

what are your thoughts on this fake bot script? will its help the community by leveling the playing field with other social networks that use it by enticing more "real" members to join or should i just keep it real?

I think if there were just 20 regs it would take off but really only 1 or 2 regs currently Unhappy but its all good, if they come they will come, all I can do is try to provide ppl with a free open uncensored site to the best of my ability and try to give them what I think they want that others don't give, uncensored being the primary niche, that and the usual things and features that are popular in most social networks, cheers Jimmy, thanks for teh feedback Cheers
#8 May 5, 2:04 pm
Ok, I have just made it a requirement upon signup to upload a pic, lets see if it works
#9 March 27, 4:50 pm
#10 March 29, 12:29 am
Like totally, don't know why I even still have it up, I guess for tellu, fb has ruined the net imho, least we still have porn for now Smile
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