I started a little alcohol brewing experiment today
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#1 December 5, 3:01 am
I started a little alcohol brewing experiment today
What I did was:

First, I grated 2 apples and squeezed the juice out.
Then, I ground up some oatmeal in a mortar
Then, I put the oats into some water with the apple juice and let it sit for about 2 hours
Finally, I stirred in the yeast

Now it's sitting in a metal bottle in my closet, bubbling away.

#2 December 5, 5:34 pm
Hmm i had a friend that use to make stuff like this, definitely can make some seriously unique brews, i think its a thumbs up craft.

heh, in a way this can be considered witchcraft Smile

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#3 December 7, 10:56 am
Metal...doesn't it have to ferment in glass? I could be wrong though. You'll have to post before and after you drink it...preferebly with pictures so we can see if anything goes horribly wrong LOL!
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#4 December 7, 8:16 pm
Well, I know that beer is brewed in huge metal vats, so I guess not. But anyway, I decided I should actually make enough to get drunk on, so I mixed up some fresh ingredients (same as above) and I'm now brewing it in a big gallon and a half glass jug.

It's fermenting nicely, and I figure it will be done by New Years, when I will share it with my friends as we make a toast to 2011.
#5 December 7, 9:17 pm
Here's to you and your boys "seeing" in the New Year! Wink
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#6 December 8, 5:17 pm
I should mention that toasting my booze will contingent on whether or not it turns out good. But I got high hopes.
#7 December 8, 5:58 pm
hmm i guess it depends what metal container you are using, I'm pretty sure they use stainless steel or aluminum, just iron could possibly very toxic as rust can produce some highly toxic bacteria I think, I'm no expert though

But if the alcohol content is high enough maybe that will kill any bacteria possibly created by the metal, as for metal toxins, I don't know, worth just double checking on google, don't want to start of the new year sick, hope it comes out good, good luck.
#8 December 8, 9:56 pm
Well, it was in a stainless steel bottle, but is now in a big glass jar, so I'm not worried 'bout that.

And hey, I just fixed the camera on my phone, so now all I gotta do is find out how to upload pics and I'll be able to show you what it look like.
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#9 December 9, 1:38 pm
Ok, so just a little while ago, I was looking at it, and noticed the carbonation had almost entirely stopped...

I assumed it was done, so I uhh.... drank it and am now feeling pretty goddamn buzzed. and I only drank half of it. (Fuck waiting for New Years, I'll just get a bottle of Jag then.)

Definitely wasn't the best tasting beer, but it had plenty of alcohol for sure, and I'm thinking this is something I'm gonna try again and eventually get good at.
#10 December 18, 6:42 am
you might want to invest in one of these, I'm thinking of getting one, that way i can get cheap vodka and make it better for a fraction of the price

#11 December 18, 11:27 pm
I did it again! Using cereal, organic shit without preservatives, of course. I'm drunk, so I'm thinking this is the best thing I've ever created, and damn.....

I like making my own beer!
#12 December 20, 7:19 pm
Awesome! Cheers
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#13 December 20, 10:42 pm
Yeah, it really doesn't take as long as I thought it would to get good and alcoholic. Now I can concern myself with learning to make it not taste like crap.
#14 December 27, 7:18 pm
I don't know, if you get that good at it YOU might get good and alcoholic ;-p
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#15 January 6, 12:20 am
Made another batch, while evaporating the methanol, I accidentally evaporated off most of the good alcohol as well. Oops.
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