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Cell Phones Give You Cancer
Posted June 1, 2011 by Creeper
Cell Phone Cancer by Creeper

IMPORTANT: i have been telling you all my hate/disgust for cell phones for years and how they possibly making the masses of ppl very stupid and mindless

now i am redeemed as my hatred was with truth and conviction, STOP BEING AN IDIOT / worthless piece of crap cell phone whores/idiots

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I will miss you all post May 21
Posted May 18, 2011 by Creeper
A fantasy scripture/explanation/documentary/troll of the rapture by Creeper

As a spokes person for the planet earth i shall explain why the earth will end, i feel i owe you ppl an explanation

God created man, was an experiment long ago, he needed real ppl/guinea pigs to conduct experiment because creating is not always by the book, you need trial and error in a live setting

So he made man and woman, gave us such amazing features as the eye balls to see colors and wonders, gave us emotion and most importantly gave us free will

As he gave us all this from nothing he gave this experiment 2000 years to develop, now it is phase 2, mostly a failed experiment as test show free will is/was used to enslave others and greed, man did not succeed in living in harmony and helping their fellow brothers with such a great gift, he did not have faith in hope and choose the wrong path

I try to explain this in a scientific way not some holy crap of shit, if you look at life as an experiment and all development is done by experiments you will find this to be fairly reasonable yes god is a fairytale the one in the book but god really stands for "Gathering Of Developers"

The next phase will continue like this, the good, the ppl that did not contribute to greed and selfishness will go to new place so the free will and man/woman experiment can continue we like to call it heaven

The failed party will be experimented on as to why they choose the wrong route a self destructive and harmful way, they will no longer have free will, they will be severely punished in a place we like to call hell/which is slang code from the word heal, they will be taught worst case senerio in the path they chosen, it is but what they asked for, they wanted evil and they shall be granted, except they will be on receiving side lol

Well as you can see, i have explained it in a scientific manner, i would guess you can all agree this experiment has been givin enough time to unfold and it has failed as a whole and that we can now go on with the next phase, just wanted to thank all for your participation and patience or lack there of,

The price has been rewarding and at times painful, hey no one rides for free right? good comes with a price,

Spring Reminder
Posted February 25, 2011 by Creeper in Recreation
How many of you take time off your schedule to appreciate natures schedule? to sit maybe in an open field and watch it in its glory, feel the breeze, smell the smells, watch the birds, watch the blue sky and clouds all in a magnificent harmony of beauty,

So take an hour of your schedule, become one with mother nature, don't loose out on this free and most valuable gift,
don't take it for granted, but do take it, let it soak into you, defrag all that bad off you and become clean again.

Here I will take you on a virtual Nature Tour

I start my walk, mmm the aroma of different flowering trees, it's funny how they take turns flowering so that there is always a fresh new aroma weekly

Ah that looks like a nice place to sit and vegetate for an hour or so right near that creak

well looky here, we have company

To be continued
I Love Water
Posted October 1, 2010 by Creeper in General
When i get rich, I'm buying a Six Flags, It will be for adults only, here's a preview of what it might look like, these ladies are at the bottom of the slide awaiting my landing.

Adult Six Flags by Creeper

Ours got blown away by a hurricane, R.I.P. here I post some videos on six flages just so I don't forget how awesome it was

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